I couldn’t see his bracelet, not from this camera angle.  He’d worn it since we were five and learned that “red means dead.”  Most thought the bracelet a reminder;  we all wore red:  mine a feathered hair piece, my sister’s a beaded pouch.  He let the world think that, and hid his efforts to match the color of his bracelet with other colors in the world.

How unfortunate to be colorblind in our world!

The camera angle changed, his unadorned wrists in full view.  I watched his careful steps to the red box in horror, and heard his death knell in my heart.


My 100 Word Challenge entry for “the red box” is in honor of “The Hunger Games”…read other entries written by grown ups HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Red

  1. I love Hunger Games, not because the story is all that, but because of the complexity of the characters and their relationships. Your post reminds me of the complexity of motives.

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