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Three years ago I taught a Creative Writing elective and decided Word Press was our publication platform.  This year, I’m teaching Yearbook and thought, why create another blog?  I’ll just add on to this one.  So here it is.  Enjoy the writing from the past;  eavesdrop on our discussion this year as we respond to yearbook related content.

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          We need to get out of here!”  The words I had been dreading now rang in my head.

Regular beings hated us; me. To them, we were mistakes they could not control. We were fine until people located our hide-out and planed an airstrike. Our leader’s physic abilities helped us a little, but now we were in real danger.

Now what do I need?” my little sister, the only full human asked frantically.

“Right now I need you to be brave,”  I grabbed her and crashed through a window. I extended my wings and took off as bombs destroyed the place I once called home.

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“Now what do I need to make this the perfect accident?”

I am wanted in twenty states, and I’m a sixteen year old girl with nowhere to go. As far as the police know I’m an eighteen year old boy who is a traveler.

“Well, for one you should put that lighter on the counter,”

I freeze. Someone found me. I turn around to see a seventeen year old boy.

“How did you find me?” I manage to say to him.

My stomach turns, if I have to go to jail because I punish people rightfully then I might as well go out in style.

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Worth of a Woman

A virtuous woman, who can find?  She is worth more than rubies…did she have that Proverb right?  Well, close enough.  She scanned the kitchen.  Dishes, dinner remains, jug of ruby red grapefruit juice fallen from the trash.  She glanced into the TV room where the kids watched “The Wizard of Oz” yet again because easier to just give in than find something else for them to do.

Her earrings were rubies…eight dollars and fifty-two cents off Ebay, shipping cost more than purchase cost.

Today she felt all of that eight dollars and fifty-two cents:  the worth of a woman, indeed.


The 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups has hit the 40th Prompt…to celebrate, the task is to incorporate RUBY into the 100 words.  You can read more entries  here.

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The Princess in Pink

It started with a dream. A marvelous dream. A dream filled with castles and princesses, something I had dreamed all my life, but never thought would come true. Then, unexpectedly, this dream became my reality when the people noisily called my name.

Different reasons flew from my head as I desperately tried to understand. I was poor; someone who had fate turned against him, while the princess in pink was, well, a princess.

It’s true that I love her; I just never expected her to love me. But now, I sit smiling on a golden chariot while the king announced the princess’s engagement to me.

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Picture Memory

I stare at the castle, the frame  bordered  with pink lace. This picture is suppose to be a present to the king’s youngest daughter before she was taken away. Throughout their history the daughter was very marvelous, always happy, and the kindest to all.

My head begins to throb. A dragon flew over the castle as the guard noisily get into defensive position. Then the pain stops. Why did I remember that? History never mentioned  the castle being attacked.

I was told that I had lost my memory when I was found. This picture somehow relates to my past. Who am I and why now?

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I pass through security with my John Travolta smile, but I don’t care to be here.  I want to be home, asleep in a quiet house – not a noisy house and certainly not a house where my family lives a day shift life, while I work graves.

My own steps at work are quiet compared to the stomping of boys downstairs.  The bustle around me is a whisper instead of screaming quarrels at home.

I make the gate, scan my card and am thankful I’m only jump seating today, because I’m exhausted.

“Shut the door behind you,” I hear from the cockpit.  “You’ve got the plane today.”


We’ve taken time away from the 100 Word Challenge this month to participate in Script Frenzy.  But as April wanes, I’m back at the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups ….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you….

You can read other entries HERE. … and check back next week as our student writers get back into the challenges, as well!


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The rule is not to leave the yard.  Ever.  But Alice’s favorite ball – it has a bunny on it! – the ball careens into the puddle across the street, its freedom gained by a careless kick.  Even now she sees droplets begin to mar Bunny’s ears, shining them up like popsicles too long from the freezer.

What a curious little adventure she was about to begin!  

Should she dash?  Should she creep?  The ball slips further into the puddle; now Bunny’s eyes and nose disappear into the water because of gravity’s lazy pull toward the curb.  Panic overtakes obedience; her eyes close and her tiny foot stretches toward the asphalt unknown.


This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is to take the last 10 words of someone else’s entry from last week, and use those somewhere in this piece   As the last to enter last week, I took the last lines from the first poster;  you can read that post here.  

It was the writer’s call for how to use those last 10 words.  I didn’t continue your story, Taochild , and I had a tough time deciding which adventure to send little Alice on!  (I also had trouble with the verb tense for this piece.  Tricky things, those verbs!)

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‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice, sitting in traffic, late herself.  It never failed that when the baby woke up before the nanny arrived, Alice would be late.  Funny how it worked, that leaving ten minutes late from the house meant having thirty minutes more on the commute.

And that made her late.

And late made her antsy.

And antsy made her forgetful.

And forgetful followed her all through her day and evening, and then who was it who forgot to feed the baby cereal before bed?  Who forgot to close the blinds in the nursery?

No wonder the baby woke up before the nanny arrived.


Read more 100 Word Challenge (for grown-ups!) here.

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