Just what sorts of jobs relate to commercial publishing or journalism?  For this assignment, you will choose three related jobs/careers IN COMMERCIAL PUBLISHING or JOURNALISM and evaluate your own possibilities in that career in a reflective essay.  You may write three short essays (one per job) or one longer essay that encompasses all three career choices.  Essays will be graded against the KPBSD High School rubric for Ideas and Organization with specific guidelines for ideas.

Assignment Rubric:

Google RIGHT NOW to find some jobs related to commercial publishing/journalism.  Then to choose your jobs, post them in the comments below.  Mix it up; I’d rather you not all write about the same three jobs. (And FYI, originally this assignment was going to be to put on a big career fair, not just an essay.)

Reflective essays are due by May 14th.

Student Performance Standards:  Demonstrate an ability to use research, reasoning, and
reflection to explain the career field by commercial publishing.

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