The Death of a Chocolate Bunny

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t sunny. I mean come on, I’m a chocolate rabbit left behind on Easter ON A SUNNY DAY!

I wish that little girl would have just eaten me, it would have been a far less painful death for me. But no, she had to forget me, in this cold hearted hot place for me to slowly melt into a liquid puddle of chocolate syrup.

“Ahhhhh!!!” screamed the chocolate rabbit as the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.

Unfortunately, there will be no sequels for this poor soul, but children I beg you: never forget your chocolate bunny in the sun!

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3 thoughts on “The Death of a Chocolate Bunny

  1. Well Veronica I loved reading this! What a novel way of writing! I LOVE the idea of you writing from the bunny’s perspective and then as the narrator’s. I felt so sorry for your bunny and I now will never forget to keep my chocolate bunny in a cool place!
    Well written. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Prior (Team 100WC)

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