Creative Writing 2012

Welcome to Mrs. Stading’s High School Creative Writing class at Nikolaevsk School in Nikolaevsk, Alaska. This course provides students opportunity to explore the forms of creative fiction and non-fiction.

Course Standards include the State of Alaska’s Language Arts standards, as well as the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

Grade Scale:
5% Formative Assignments
95% Summative Assignments


Blog Posts Rubric (Formative)

9-10 Points: Student goes beyond mastery of the writing topic.  Blog entry is engaging with masterful craftsmanship of language.  It lodges itself in the reader’s brain to be mulled over in the quiet times of the day.

8 Points: Student communicates a mastery of the writing topic.  Blog entry effectively communicates its purpose, and the reader is happy that he or she took the time to read the entry.

7 Points: Student is moving in the right direction regarding the writing topic.  The piece is “good enough” to publish, though probably needs refining in ideas, word choice, and/or conventions.  Student has the opportunity to revise the assignment for a higher score.

No blog post scoring lower than a 6 will be published on the blog and must be revised until it is ready for publication.

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