We need to get out of here!”  The words I had been dreading now rang in my head.

Regular beings hated us; me. To them, we were mistakes they could not control. We were fine until people located our hide-out and planed an airstrike. Our leader’s physic abilities helped us a little, but now we were in real danger.

Now what do I need?” my little sister, the only full human asked frantically.

“Right now I need you to be brave,”  I grabbed her and crashed through a window. I extended my wings and took off as bombs destroyed the place I once called home.

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The Princess in Pink

It started with a dream. A marvelous dream. A dream filled with castles and princesses, something I had dreamed all my life, but never thought would come true. Then, unexpectedly, this dream became my reality when the people noisily called my name.

Different reasons flew from my head as I desperately tried to understand. I was poor; someone who had fate turned against him, while the princess in pink was, well, a princess.

It’s true that I love her; I just never expected her to love me. But now, I sit smiling on a golden chariot while the king announced the princess’s engagement to me.

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The Death of a Chocolate Bunny

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t sunny. I mean come on, I’m a chocolate rabbit left behind on Easter ON A SUNNY DAY!

I wish that little girl would have just eaten me, it would have been a far less painful death for me. But no, she had to forget me, in this cold hearted hot place for me to slowly melt into a liquid puddle of chocolate syrup.

“Ahhhhh!!!” screamed the chocolate rabbit as the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.

Unfortunately, there will be no sequels for this poor soul, but children I beg you: never forget your chocolate bunny in the sun!

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I’ve noticed someone following me. Today I decided to confront him in hope to get some answers. I turned around and started walking towards him, but he didn’t make any attempt to run.

“Who are you…..???” I asked. “I mean… How can I help you?”

“You don’t know me?” he asked.

“No sorry,” I shrugged.

“Ha, figures,” he laughed meanly. “I knew she wouldn’t tell you.”

“What?” I said, my face full of confusion. “Well anyway, who are you?”

“I’m your father,” he said, holding up a rag and shoving it into my face. “And it’s my turn to have you.”

The world went black.


This week’s 100 Word Challenge is to use this bit of dialogue……..??? asked ‘How can I help you?’…  .  Check out more entries here.

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A Small White Spider

Creeping along carefully on the side of a tree, a white spider made his way toward his brothers and sisters. The fifty assorted spiders crawled over each other in attempt to get the first bite of the insect the mother spider pushed towards them. Since the white spider was the smallest, he never got to have any food before his siblings ate it; but not today! This was the day he would shine! He scuttled over a branch, and sneaked behind his mother; then he sprung! Using all his strength, he landed on the insect. The spider grinned as he dug hungrily into his meal.


100 Word Challenge:  Week #24 You have five words that MUST be included in your writing so you can use 105 words only! The words are:  Carefully   Fifty   Spider   White   Pushed

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Weather — 100 Word Word Challenge Week 23

Walking along, Katie was unaware of the dark storm approaching her from behind.
Katie heard a strange sound behind her so she turned around. Her mouth gaped as she saw a funnel forming in the sky. That’s when the weather changed for the worse!
The funnel hit the ground, twirling angrily as it went towards Katie at an alarming rate. She quickly dived under the bridge that ran over the creek.
The tornado jumped the creek, and started moving off into the distance; destroying trees along its way. Katie ran to her house where her family ushered her into the basement to wait out the storm.

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Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is usually used for hand-washed dishes, and there are many types that can help someone scrub dishes better, because they break down food particles and grease, although it can be used for more then just dishes.

Imagine tons of gigantic bubbles everwhere! My family and I found a recipe the allowed us to create bubbles as big and as wide as a car! They blew everywhere, and soon our property shown with the rainbow light the bubbles let off in the sun. My brother ran throw one, and !POP! it burst open, showering the land with dish soap!

After all the bubbles popped the ground was covered in a slimy coating, and us kids were sliping and sliding all over the place.

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The Evening Life of Bartholomew

Only the best is suited for Bartholomew, from his snobby expensive clothing to the fine foods he has for dinner.

A typical evening for this rich snob would be a short swim in the massive swimming pool in his backyard, then off to go play tennis with friends. They will usually play for an hour or so before they all return to Bartholomew’s for tea and crumpets. He often orders his maids to bring him the best crumpets and tea they have, and then complains about them to his chefs, and more then once the chef has quit and left his mansion.

After his chaps leave, he often will go out on the terrice and watch the sun go down on the horizen, and then he will sigh unhappily at the rich person he has to play, and then he will go to the banquet room to wait for a splended meal that he will have to sit through with his absent parents, who never show up to have dinner with him.

He will then go take a bath and go and sit in his room to read for hours, and end up difting off to sleep.

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I think back to the horrible days when I needed a fairy godmother. I remember her as if I had seen her yesterday, with her dark brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean.

My godmother, who’s name is Cecile, is a very friendly person to humans and animals alike, and she can always be found reading on a couch or a chair next to a warm fire with her cat Gracie.

When I first met Cecile I was crying in a medow over my hurt puppy and she all of a sudden apeared before me and asked if I wanted my dog healed, and I told her yes. After only a second my puppy stood up and gave a loud bark, and started running and playing, like a puppy should.

Anyway, she promised to become my godmother for any trial I had in the future, if anytime she came a would let her pet my pet. I quickly agreed, then she shimmered and disapeared.

Over the years that followed that encounter I had seen her more then once more, and each time she would help me fix my problems, and after petting my dog or cat she would disappear in a shower of glittering colors.

Now as I look back at my youth and remember the kind person that took care of me when I lived on the streets, I smile, and I remember our last meeting. She had told me that I no longer required her help, and she would move on to another unfortunate soul. I told her I would miss her, but Iwas happy for the time we spent together. After we said goodbye, she disappeared and I  never saw her again, but I always have the memories of how she helped me.

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Spy Rescue Note

You’ve been invited to my SWEET SIXTEEN!
Don’t forget to come in COSTUME! (Dress like kings or queens. Best dressed couple will win the GOLDEN CROWN!)
If you decide to bring some food, desserts or finger food would be nice!
My SWEET SIXTEEN is occurring on Burlington Dr. 81704, during 6:30 PM-Midnight on December 16, 2012.
The only rule for my SWEET SIXTEEN is you MUST bring your friends!
So come on down to my SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!!

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