Worth of a Woman

A virtuous woman, who can find?  She is worth more than rubies…did she have that Proverb right?  Well, close enough.  She scanned the kitchen.  Dishes, dinner remains, jug of ruby red grapefruit juice fallen from the trash.  She glanced into the TV room where the kids watched “The Wizard of Oz” yet again because easier to just give in than find something else for them to do.

Her earrings were rubies…eight dollars and fifty-two cents off Ebay, shipping cost more than purchase cost.

Today she felt all of that eight dollars and fifty-two cents:  the worth of a woman, indeed.


The 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups has hit the 40th Prompt…to celebrate, the task is to incorporate RUBY into the 100 words.  You can read more entries  here.

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3 thoughts on “Worth of a Woman

  1. I guess the psalm that begins with that proverb was talking about the real thing. How could King David have known there would be costume jewellery in the 21st century? Have wives devalued with the modern fashion for bling?

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