The rule is not to leave the yard.  Ever.  But Alice’s favorite ball – it has a bunny on it! – the ball careens into the puddle across the street, its freedom gained by a careless kick.  Even now she sees droplets begin to mar Bunny’s ears, shining them up like popsicles too long from the freezer.

What a curious little adventure she was about to begin!  

Should she dash?  Should she creep?  The ball slips further into the puddle; now Bunny’s eyes and nose disappear into the water because of gravity’s lazy pull toward the curb.  Panic overtakes obedience; her eyes close and her tiny foot stretches toward the asphalt unknown.


This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is to take the last 10 words of someone else’s entry from last week, and use those somewhere in this piece   As the last to enter last week, I took the last lines from the first poster;  you can read that post here.  

It was the writer’s call for how to use those last 10 words.  I didn’t continue your story, Taochild , and I had a tough time deciding which adventure to send little Alice on!  (I also had trouble with the verb tense for this piece.  Tricky things, those verbs!)

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