“Now what do I need to make this the perfect accident?”

I am wanted in twenty states, and I’m a sixteen year old girl with nowhere to go. As far as the police know I’m an eighteen year old boy who is a traveler.

“Well, for one you should put that lighter on the counter,”

I freeze. Someone found me. I turn around to see a seventeen year old boy.

“How did you find me?” I manage to say to him.

My stomach turns, if I have to go to jail because I punish people rightfully then I might as well go out in style.

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Picture Memory

I stare at the castle, the frame  bordered  with pink lace. This picture is suppose to be a present to the king’s youngest daughter before she was taken away. Throughout their history the daughter was very marvelous, always happy, and the kindest to all.

My head begins to throb. A dragon flew over the castle as the guard noisily get into defensive position. Then the pain stops. Why did I remember that? History never mentioned  the castle being attacked.

I was told that I had lost my memory when I was found. This picture somehow relates to my past. Who am I and why now?

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The Alley Way

She walks through the alleys aimlessly.  Hopefully, she has no idea that I am following her because I know who she is.

Finally she just stops abruptly in her footsteps and turns to me, and then asks, “I know you’ve been following me around. Who are you anyway?”

“Before I answer your question, do you have any idea who you are?” I ask her.

She hesitates and looks down to the ground, “I don’t actually. I don’t even know where I’m going,”

“How can I help you then?”

“You can start by telling me my name and what I’ve done.”

“Well, your name is. . .”


This week’s 100 Word Challenge is to use this bit of dialogue……..??? asked ‘How can I help you?’…  .  Check out more entries here.

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The Cellar

100 Word Challenge:  Week #24 You have five words that MUST be included in your writing so you can use 105 words only! The words are:  Carefully   Fifty   Spider   White   Pushed


I sit there silently pushed up against the wall, as the stairs to the cellar creak loudly. Somebody is coming to get me, I think to myself.

Then all of a sudden, I feel tiny legs crawling up my bare arms. I freeze up and look at what is crawling up my arm to find not just one spider but fifty white ones. If I scream the person will know that I’m down here hiding.

I hold in the scream, but carefully change the position of my body so that I am more hidden. But these spiders begin to crawl up to my face; slowly.

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The Weather — 100 Word Word Challenge Week 23

We were all scared. We had our lives full of safety and there wasn’t any danger that would think to harm us. Even though we were near the ocean, there wasn’t really any potential danger. Or so we thought.

Everyone in town woke up to the tsunami warning, this felt different though; it didn’t feel like the usual drills. I looked outside my balcony window and saw the ocean rise. Then the weather changed to the worst.

The wind began to blow hard, taking trees out of the ground, the clouds turning dark, and rain began to shower. We never saw any potential danger until now.

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White snow falling so lightly, seems like it’s just floating down to us because it has no better plans. While the snow falls, children are cheering, making snowmen, snow angels, and they have grins spread across their face. What else is there to do in winter, even on days like these? Well, start the fireplace, get the mugs, and we’ll sit by the fireplace after playing outside with a cup of hot chocolate. Winter, my favorite season with angels, with the the winter cold air, all for a cup of hot chocolate. While others enjoy summer, I enjoy winter so much more.

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If The Sky Were Red

What if the sky were red instead of blue? That would be sight to see, but having the sky red would have so many effects on everyday life. Asking about the weather, we would say “The sky looks a bit redder today doesn’t it?”

That’s not all though, if the sky is red then what color would the sun be? I think it would be the opposite color of yellow, because the opposite of blue is red. That’s only two major changes, now what about the tempatures? The days would be hotter when the sun is out, plus we wouldn’t exactly being seing the right colors because the reflection of the sky and the sun would change how we see things. We see color just fine with blue sky and yellow sun. If the sky were red then what color would the night sky be and the moon? The night sky just wouldn’t be the same because the sky is so red that we wouldn’t be able to see the moon and the stars as clearly as we do now.

Imaging the sky red is something out of this world. I like my blue sky, my yellow sun, my clear night skies with starts embedded, and I like my moon.

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Similes with Food and People

Suzanne is skinny as a piece of green bean.

Suzan’s hair is as red as a fresh tomato.

Bob’s hair is a stringy as spaghetti noodle.

Charlie’s hair looks like bunched up macaroni and cheese.

The shape of Bob’s eyes are like almonds.

Suzann’s skin is as tan as a old potato skin.

The shape of Susan’s head is almost as big as a cabbage head.

Johnny is as tall as a corn stalk.

Milly’s hair is as yellow as butternut squash.

Patricia is as pretty as a gladiolus flower.

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The Room 201

As I walk into the room a strong disgraceful odor comes over me. It smells as if something is deteriating for centries in this room and it may likely be something of flesh. I begin to stroll around, study the room more carefully, but as I approach the bookcase, the musky scent of the books cannot over power the foul stench of garbage. This garbage smells as if it was piling up to be the next tallest trash mountain. This odor burns my nostril, so the only solution is to plug my nose with my fingers; which is exactly what I do. I begin to stroll a little faster when I approach a clean room, yes it may be covered with one inch of dust but at least it looks like it doesn’t smell bad. Once I unplugged my nose, I knew I was very wrong. This room’s odor had been as if someone who hasn’t bathed in months lived here. I looked around and saw a man and around him was piles of useless things, his dog (dead), and the man just staring up at me. I run out of the room screaming on top of my lungs and into the city air where it smells much better.

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Five Whys of Creative Writing

1.Why am I taking creative writing?

So that I can be a better and a stronger writer.

2. Why do you want to be a better and a stronger writer?

So that whenever I write that the whole piece will flow easily and the transactions are smooth.

3. Why do you want to write that the whole piece will flow easily and the transactions are smooth?

Because I want my writing to be easy to read and yet understandable.

4. Why do you want your writing to be easy to read and yet understandable?

Because I want to my writing to be interesting.

5. Why do you want your writing to be interesting?

Because I just do.

Why is writing important? Well for one, nobody can really get anywhere in life without writing something whether it’s an email to a friend or filling out a job resume. Almost everyone has tried to write a short story, a novel, or even poetry. Some hoping to make a living off of it, but they usually stop once they think they aren’t a good enough writer. Carl Sandburg said, “I knew I would read all kinds of books and try to get at what it is that makes good writers good. But I made no promises that I would write books a lot of people would like to read.”

This quote reminds me of creative writing. Currently everyone has tried at least once to write something, and I know people who still are. They write stories that they would love to read but there are some people who read it and don’t like it. All authors write something that would peak their interest, but everyone has different interests when it comes to reading or writing.

I take the creative writing class because it peaks my interest as a reader and a writer. This class will help my writing flow more smoothly, like how the story should flow. This also allows me to get my imagination out there in an interesting way that maybe someone will be interested in. I am writing a bunch of short stories and poetry, I have enjoyed writing all that I have though. I don’t know very many people who are interested in my writing but I am to make my writing more interesting, more vivid, as if it was a movie on the big screens.

I’ve read all sorts of books, necessarily some that no one else has like to read but as they say, Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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